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Sleep in a castle in Valladolid


¿Have you ever dreamt about sleep in a castle?


When everyone is focused on finding the perfect gift, we thought we would write this post about our experience.  We think that the gift of sleeping in a castle would be really cool to enjoy with your better half or a great way to treat yourself.  You can literally feel like a princess!

Although this region is best known for its wines, a trip through our area could surprise you with an option as cool as being able to sleep in a castle packed with centuries of history.

This summer we escaped to Curiel, a village in Valladolid which has the privilege of having the most castles in the provinces of Spain. Here’s a link to all of the castles if you want to get to know them all.


Sleep in a castle in Valladolid (Spain)


You will find all kinds, most of them you can still visit, but the one in Curiel is the oldest. Even though the Tribute Tower and part of the original wall are still preserved, nowadays it has been converted into a hotel with all of the modern comforts: elevators, heating for the winter chills, and a pool for the summer heat. You can go back to medieval times without missing out on modern comforts. Much more than the Castilian royalty could ever have dreamt of.

We reserved our trip on Booking through the link on organizotuviaje.com, of course…(find the link below), and we took off to go experience: Residencia Real Castillo de Curiel.


Sleep in a castle in Valladolid (Spain)


With the passing of time the medieval castle was in ruins. From these ruins they built the hotel that you will find today complete with a rooftop swimming pool. Sitting atop the castle behind the fortified walls is an incredible way to spend some time in the summer sun.

What we liked most was the tranquility of the location, and above all the spectacular views of the entire valley with the castle of Peñafiel in the background.



From this vantage point you can see for kilometers on end, and while you calmly read a book or enjoy a refreshing drink on the terrace, you can feel as though you are part of history and reminisce on its past visitors, enemies, and conquerors from centuries ago.

We read something really neat, and if it weren’t for the giant in the story, it would be totally believable: The legend goes that there once was a giant that would rest one foot on the castle of Curiel and the other on the castle of Peñafiel while he drank from the Duero River.


Where to eat regional meal


You can eat well in the hotel, but to get a complete experience you must go out and taste a local ‘lechazo asado. ‘Lechazo’ is what we call a suckling lamb, a lamb that is still feeding on its mother’s milk.  In this area they roast it in a clay dish inside of a wood burning oven.  It is one of the most typical dishes of the area and is served with white bread and a wine cultivated from the same region.



Our recommendation is that you head over to Sacramenia, a village in nearby Segovia, and ask for Restaurante Maribel.  It’s a butcher shop with the dining room located next door, where you’ll taste the deliciousness of the ‘lechazo asado’ prepared in the purest Castilian style.


Sleep in a castle in Valladolid (Spain)


An amazing itinerary to include on your trip to Valladolid and wineries of Ribera Del Duero. Once we experienced it, we knew we had to share it with you so you can start planning your next trip to come visit our region which has loads of things to see and do.

If you are thinking about a gift, one that will leave you feeling like a king or a queen, why don’t you make a reservation to spend a few nights in the castle?




Please remember that if you make your reservations through the links on organizotuviaje.com (Booking, Skyscanner, etc) we’ll help you organize your trip.




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