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The #reto45, a challenge of Multiple Sclerosis in the #ruta45

The #reto45 against MS on #ruta45.


What is ‘reto 45’?


We are once again beginning an amazing trip. On route 45, in which we cover 4 continents in 5 months and just like our trip around the world in 35 days, we will team up and fight against Multiple Sclerosis.



We will be combining two of the things we love the most: travelling and doing what we can to help others- a goal that we have in our daily lives and now we will take with us on our travels.




Because: Jose has had the experience of seeing someone close to him be affected by MS and saw first hand how the disease can change your life in an instant.  Imagine they tell you that your body will stop functioning properly but you don’t know where, when, or how.

Out of the millions of causes to help with, we have chosen to unite and do what we can in the fight against MS.


Why MS? 

Because: any disease can paralyze your life, but MS does it literally.  It is a chronic disease that has many different stages and can affect different people in many different ways.  It is present throughout the world and it is the most common neurological disease in people aged 20-30 years old, when your adult life is just beginning with a new job or a new family, and suddenly this disease creeps into your life.

That is why 50% of the funds collected will go to towards the project «Programa De Jóvenes Activos Con EM.»  These contributions are destined to programs which help inform about the disease, professional development, job training, preventative measures, and to help the families of those afflicted with this disease.

On the other hand, it is a disease than cannot be predicted.  Currently there is no known cause or cure for this disease.  This is why it is important to invest in research.  The other 50% of the collected funds will be designated to help ‘Proyecto M1’ which will help research the cure and the cause of MS.




What is your role in all of this?  How can you help?

Don’t worry- it’s easy and you’ll see how good you’ll feel helping.  Every little bit helps.

If you want to get started, below is the link to ‘Proyecto M1’, but if you can’t do that– don’t worry you can still help.



By recording a video and putting it on your Facebook wall with the hashtag #quenotepare and #reto45. On your own or with your friends, anywhere in the world, but it needs to be horizontal, in selfie mode and original.  We don’t want anything to stop you.  That is why we want you to say the phrase «dont let MS stop you.»  



Maybe it sounds like too many prerequisites or too complicated, but we are creating a video with people from around the world uniting against MS.


Let’s Begin? #quenotepare


We also have a lot of work to do.  We are collaborating with different companies that are able to lend a hand.

  • Donating Funds: The challenge: the more videos shared and the more likes we get, the more money we will raise.
  • Donating Travelling Items: these will be given to the most original videos.  That way you too can take the fight against MS on you travels.


We are working on it with the help of the companies that have always supported us.  Thanks to these companies saying yes and to their unwavering support, you too can count on some prizes to take on your travels.


  • Civitatis: 150€ worth of activities to spend around the world for one year.
  • Castilla Termal: Some relax time for two people in any of their locations in Castilla y León or Cantabria.
  • Hotel Ibis Oviedo: A weekend for two in their hotel.  Two nights lodging.
  • Bodegas Elias Mora (D.O. Toro): A free tour of the vinyards and the winery with wine tasting included plus 6 bottles of wine.
  • Delsey Spain: A suitcase «Delsey Piloto gama Data.»  With a purchase value of 99€ and a 2 year warranty.


Thanks in advance